A YouTube Video That Allen Darman Made On Google’s *Hangouts On Air* Regarding The Big Picture As He Sees It

This 41 Minute Google Hangout Video is Must See Material by ALL of my adult (18+) Fellow Americans.

fromthedeskofallenadogg dot org


According to Allen D aka ADOGG –>

“In my Opinion, The Only Practical and Workable Answer for America (and other countries such as Russia too) Is For Silicon Valley (and/or the equivalent in another country), and the American Mafia (or another *Federal Government Controlling Mafia*) to Negotiate a Win-Win-Win Deal between Themselves and the General Public of the Country In Question. Doing So Is the Only Way Out of the Log Jam We Are In Here Politically in the United States. I hope to both Initiate and Facilitate this Negotiation Process between the Mafia (or Mafia’s), Silicon Valley, the Police, the Military, and Enough Reasonable American Citizens as well. It is Important that these Negotiations are Concluded Before the 1st Internet Woodstock Is Held.”

The 41 minute “Off the Cuff” Introductory Video I did on June 4th using a Google+ *Hangout On Air* explains this in more detail…

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